dimarts, 31 de gener de 2012

I love it!

Vegan Song

:) :) :)

dimecres, 25 de gener de 2012

Please, please, please, let me get what I want

dimarts, 24 de gener de 2012

I love to cook Vegan Food!!!!

dilluns, 23 de gener de 2012

Yesterday it was a cute park Sunday n_n
(But too cold!)

I love this flowers, I can't wait to spring to see all the park with more flowers! Coz, now... in Winter is too difficult to find flowers!

Also there were some cute ducks!
I love animals :)
And I saw two squirrels! But I hadn't nuts :(

This ducks is so elegant! I love his lovely red beak .

Wow, Colour Branches.

I like pigeons!
Some people (puaj people xD ) Always say stupid things about pigeons... But they don't know that they are very clever, they have a wonderful sense of direction, they're one of the fastest birds and they've a funny way of moving the neck/head :) :) :)
I don't like snob people ¬¬ They don't love nature and they smile like a machine!

I'm always surprised when I find other colour leaves :)
This red is so beautiful.

y sweety dollies ^.^

dissabte, 21 de gener de 2012

Some lovely drawings that my boyfriend gave to me as a present!
I love them!
:) :) :)

A little story! ^.^

Me HarryPotterized! uuuuhhhh

Chi!! :D

Me Playmobilized! n_n

Kittens! ^.^

Is she me in manga? :P

I love Macanudo! :D


Green Ireland Mailbox >.<

Wiii, We are playmobils! It's so funny to be a playmobil! :) :) :)

n_n (corets)
Madariaga (L)

El hombre misterioso ¬¬

Chi again! ^.^

hihihihi, I won! :)

I love all them, but this is my favourite! n_n